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Yes, love letters could be passed and avoided without response. Still, at some point, the sender would wonder if the missives were getting through and would have to make first person contact.

The unfortunate moment of truth would have to come sooner or later, and both man and woman would have to face it with some class and character (in a perfect world).

I am sharing the information that I have gained from my readings on the subject. You will find comments and advice from different men as you are reading the articles.

This helps to make to proper decision depending at which stage of courtship you are with the guy. Don't forget to bookmark the site as updates are made on a regular basis.

She went on to reveal that she had recently split with her partner of nine years and had reached a 'very low ebb' - until she met a new love interest last November who, at 24, was almost half her age.

The Mumsnet user admitted: 'I had no idea how badly my daughter would take it. I couldn't even imagine getting off with a person that young and I'm 5 years younger than you.'Another mum wrote: 'I think YABU (you are being unreasonable) to expect her to accept it. Obviously she finds it unacceptable and probably embarrassingfor her family.' Another mum then chimed in, saying: 'Your choice to date who you wish, but you can't stop your DD (darling daughter) finding it revolting.

No man in his right mind dies of rejection or lets it devastate his life over the long haul. You don’t want to pursue every woman you meet, so she’s allowed to put you in her no column. If we call ourselves men, we need to act as men — and a men should never “ghost.” Period. This is not to say, in that moment of honesty, the very act of “anti-ghosting” when you express how you feel (or don’t feel), you need to be blunt or cruel. Then, whether a friendship survives or not, both man and woman can move on in their lives to find another romantic relationship strong enough to bust any ghost.

Ghosting usually happens early in a relationship, or it intercedes to prevent a more significant relationship from taking place.You will experience better results at making that phone ring.My friends call me different names; the flirt, the expert, the dating machine. They admire how quickly I can evaluate a potential in a guy.I can handle constructive criticism, but the vitriol that has been spewing forth since I started this, is actually quite saddening.'It really hasn't occured to some people that we might actually just enjoy being together.

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