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The thing is, playing "Wo W" — or any game really — simply gives you something to do with the person you're interested in.

And what could be more exciting than slaying a dragon on a first date?Most women, for dating purposes, have a low opinion of men who they think are ugly and/or poor.If you looked like Ryan Gosling, had 50 million in the bank, had vacation homes in Europe and golfed with George Clooney and Warren Buffet on the weekends, but listed World of Warcraft as your most loved thing ever, guess what? Because your hands couldn't reach the keyboard with the heads of three supermodels bobbing up and down in your lap. Most women have a low opinion of anything that doesn't make a man seem more masculine, wealthy or desirable.I can't count the number of times I've gotten messages from dudes referencing gaming, who have no mention of their gaming interests on their profiles. That is not to say I wouldn't give a guy that games a chance, but if it consumes his whole life outside of work... I suspect I'm about to become a Diablo 3 widow tho. Come to think of it tho, I don't think I've seen any profiles that list any games (board, online, etc) that are enjoyed other than poker or some type of sport.Just sack up and be sincere about what you're into-- you'll find people you're more likely to click with that way. Oh, let your "friend" know that by adhering to the advice of the majority in the POF forums, he's likely going to be happier playing Wo W.

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It’s why many players believe that they come to know each other faster and better than, say, people who meet over a few dates.

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