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It followed several months of increasingly vile and frightening harassment of women speaking and working in the games industry and media: the self-titled #Gamergate movement.

In the study, which created chat accounts with male and female names and logged them into chats to record interactions, “female usernames, on average, received 163 malicious private messages a day”.This has never gone away, in fact it has only grown in size and zeal.Yet almost every time women achieve a degree of responsiveness from online audiences when highlighting these experiences, they are immediately told to “calm down, so we can discuss this like adults”. Prominent Internet personality Felicia Day had a crack at a carefully worded conciliatory post as recently as October last year – on her growing fears around a rising misogynist culture in the video gaming community.They do this because we're tougher than they can imagine, tougher than they'll ever have to be, and tougher than they can personally handle.“They need to shut us down, to scare us, because if we keep going we just might win. They'll do anything to stop us from getting that done.” The well-chronicled trials of posting online while female were published in a study more than nine years ago: the University of Maryland's A.

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You may not care to hear that, but we can tell you that is so. It is writing that distances itself from me, and me from it.

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