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They met and married in their early 20s when Ashley was a squash coach and had set up his first store with a £10,000 loan from his parents.Although they went on to have three children and his thriving business brought them unimaginable wealth, the pair divorced in 2003, and Linda went on to have a son with a new partner, leaving Ashley (according to friends) ‘heartbroken’.

It's just kind of funny - 'Can we use the Torii gate on his arm and grab the clue from there?' So you can tell Japan was really something that hit him hard.It was cool."Apart from your ankle problems, Vanessa, what was the hardest part of the Race?Vanessa: "You know, I could have been more physically prepared.Running isn't really my strong suit and you're going with somebody, you're going with Ralph, who's just a physical anomaly, and it's just frustrating to be so out of shape! I've lost like 20lbs since the Race and I'm in much better shape now."Ralph: "Yeah, about that..."Vanessa: "You know what, and they showed it on, they didn't air it on the show - but I was mad for a reason! The reason is he was lost and he wouldn't get directions in Italy. "How has your relationship changed since being on the ?

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