Updating linked tables

X' using a single query,so I tried the following query and it perfectly worked.. I am asking because a little mistake can cause serious security issue of my site while implementing the code.

If it is ok and correct I think it is the best and simplified code.

Of course, the second to last thing I want is to painstakingly make manual data changes to an existing In Design table (no matter how pretty I made it.)In this video, Anne-Marie explains the process for creating linked tables that save you from the hassle of manual updating or reformatting.

Your first step is to set the Preferences so that In Design knows you want spreadsheets to come in as linked files.

While I have the data dictionary for the app, I wanted a better way to inspect what is in the database.

Luckily, Google Groups pointed to a post with someone talking about doing a linked server in SQL to Pervasive.

Drag the corner handles to make the table as large as you want it to be.

Step 1: Create the table in Excel The first step is to create the table of data in Excel so that it looks exactly the way you will want it to look on the slide, including titles, row labels, column labels, gridlines, text and background colors and text formatting.

The latest project I am working on introduced me to the wonderful world of Timberline.

This is one of the few times when I truly wish the customer we’re building this for would have used Access. But, Timberline (an accounting package that sits on top of Pervasive SQL which sits on top of Btrieve) has been around for quite a while, and has a large enough user base in the construction industry that it bears looking at how we can provide a mobile solution for them.

There is a dramatic increase in reporting speed (typical benchmark is a report that took 2 hours now takes 20 seconds to run), you can combine data to report from multiple folders regardless of general ledger and job costs formats.

episode, Anne-Marie Concepcion shows you how to place Excel spreadsheets into your In Design documents as tables, and walks you through the process of linking your table and your original Excel spreadsheet to avoid having to manually update and reformat every time a colleague updates the spreadsheet in Excel.course in my queue for this very reason.) Once I establish how I want the formatting to work in a given table, the last thing I want is to have to re-establish said formatting on an entirely new table.

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This gives us some more options as far as flexibility of the interface.

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