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However, as we all know, the course of true love never did run smooth, even if the ups and downs are fun.The couple had a blissful 3 years initially, but as for anyone who’s ever been there knows, “true love” is wonderful but also finicky and troublesome.

This would be the beginning of 9 years of dating and a fated Mohit Suri Udita Goswami Marriage.While the couple remained unavailable for comment, a source close to both of them confirmed their wedding and furthermore director Mahesh Bhatt confirmed the news saying, “Ji haan Mohit aur Udita shadi kar rahe hain aur ye sahi baat hai.” It is highly assumed that Udita and Mohit’s ups and downs relationship has affected the making of sequel to ‘Aashiqui’ but Bhatt quips,“Marriage, divorce, death, nothing affects a movie. She is the winner of Music Television’s (MTV) Model Mission and model of the Universe Asia 2001.She also says that she “became confident after doing the show and later I enrolled in the School of Arts and Fashion technology (SAF) in Dehradun.”Noted film-maker Mohit Suri seems to have struck a chord with his audience.How else is one supposed to direct 3 quasi-sequels (meaning that he did not himself direct the first parts of these films) in and guess who is playing the lead role in her second film ever?

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