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I like to form mutually beneficial business relationships with other people, and I'm always looking for other great products to promote to my customers to help them become even more confident and successful in life.I take my customers' and website visitors' privacy seriously, and never disclose their contact details to other parties.

Depending on the funnel, in the [IM ] world I’m sure you’ve seen it Mark where people buy a cheap front end product but then they’re hit with maybe ten upsells before they’re put through the entire funnel. You see this all the time, people that have a product for say , or one time, and they may even be giving away 100% of their commission to the affiliate and you wonder, “Hey, how is that vendor even making a profit.” I’m assuming that it’s all done through one time offers and through their back end of their sales funnel, right? If you look at Eben Pagan’s Double Your Dating empire, he actually built that by giving 200% commission on the front end to affiliates.

I'm always looking for guests interested in writing feature articles relevant to men's confidence.

Your article must be unique, fresh content not available anywhere else on the Internet.

We can sell it, post it on your blog, give it away etc, but not edit it to take comments out of context etc.

If you are interested in participating in an interview please contact me.

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” It’s really kind of cool if you go through their entire funnel, you’ll realize that it’s a co-registration path.

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