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Collins sued the LAPD and decades later her story made it to the silver screen in the 2008 Clint Eastwood film, “The Changeling.” Police descended on the “murder farm” and turned up evidence supporting Sanford’s story — bones in quicklime pits, human skull fragments, and clothing that would fit boys of that age, including a Boy Scout cap.

The body of a headless youth was found in near Los Angeles, wrapped in burlap that matched sacks from the farm.

Crimes on Northcott’s little farm of horrors went on for about two years, and might have continued longer, had he not brought in his nephew, Sanford Clark, to care for the chickens.

Clark became an unwilling accomplice in his uncle’s murders and a victim of the man’s perversions.

After that, there was so little communication that the boy’s sister, Jessie Clark, 19, became worried.

In the summer of 1928, she scraped together the cash for a trip to Wineville to check on her sibling.

Newspapers dubbed him the “ape man” because of the thick black hair all over his body.

The trial descended into theater of the absurd, especially when Northcott got on the witness stand and grilled himself. As he awaited execution by hanging, Northcott amused himself by making lewd gestures at his jailers, sending police on wild goose chases, and cruelly taunting the mothers of his victims.

“Say a prayer for me,” were his last words before the trap door swung open and he plunged to his death at the end of a rope, after an agonizing 12-minute dangle, on Oct. Sanford Clark spent two years in reform school, then moved back to Canada.

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Las horas de trabajo son de lunes a viernes de PM a PM.

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He told of the murders of the Winslow brothers, admitting that he struck the younger boy: “I hit him first with the ax because Stewart told me that if I didn’t he would kill me.” Northcott insisted on cross-examining his nephew himself.

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