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What I mean is, the first reference to Russian roulette is from an 1840 Russian novella, but all confirmed instances of someone actually playing Russian roulette date from well after that.

So it could have been something that was originally made up but later inspired other people to try it.

The release date (September 2013) and title (Russian Roulette) have been announced via Twitter.

Yasha (Yassen's given name) was born in a city known as Estrov to parents who worked in a chemicals factory.

Apps like Tinder, Blendr and Grindr make it easier than ever before to hook up - call it the digital bar scene.

"It's not very satisfying," said former Tinder user Sarah Cornett.

Many medications contain preservatives which halt the growth of bacteria.

For many, drinking, dancing and dating have evolved with today's technology.Originally, "Yassen" was to follow Snakehead as the eighth book in the series, and would be the final Alex Rider novel, though Horowitz rethought this idea following negative responses during school visits.Regarding the eighth book, Horowitz stated in 2008: "I've had second thoughts about telling Yassen’s story, which was going to be the subject of this book. Instead, I’ve got the beginnings of an idea set partly in the UK and partly in Africa." Eventually, Horowitz decided to write the final Alex Rider novel Scorpia Rising first, and decided to write "Yassen" sometime after that. I’ve finally started work on the eighth novel although I don’t think it’ll be out for quite a while.After much thought, I’ve decided to leave YASSEN (the book I was planning) to the very end of the series.This follows a whole series of school visits where people have been a bit half-hearted about the idea…and I do try to listen to what my readers say!

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'It is like playing Russian roulette with your health,' says Angela Chalmers, a Boots pharmacist.

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