Reentering the dating

and then you have the other extreme of banging-ass jeans amalgamated with the beautiful visual spectacle of some yellow-brownish stained undies, not much unlike this next illustration of sexiness…

and a car in your car so you can drive while you drive.

So don’t trust any PR guy with a long, cruddy nail — not just because it’s fucking nasty, but also because it probably means that he does indeed count lots of drug money, as the following Puerto Rican thug so proudly illustrates for us… It seems that the majority of Puerto Rican men have that crack-sniffing troll-nail here. Few Puerto Rican men dress well here in the island, but I have to say; the styles amongst Puerto Rican men are kinda extreme.

You have the dressy mix of the European gigolo shirts with the embroidery, pointy-beak shoes…

But the reality is that while his car may be nice and neat, he probably still lives with mom and dad off of government coupons, and I assure you, his room will probably look like Jesus took his last holy crap in his hot mess of a room – You think I’m kidding… If you wait for the guy to open the door, he’ll ask whether you’re too handicapped to open your own door.

Don’t let the fancy or pimped out cars fool you ladies; it’s a cover up! You go on a date, bring your own money and expect to go , at the very least, 90% of the time.

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Also expect it even after you’ve been with him for 5yrs, living together, sucked his dick numerous times until it goes numb, given him sex everyday of every hour.

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