Reasons why online dating is dangerous

Overall, the survey presents a confusing picture, which is not surprising as people’s motivations are not always straightforward.

Of most interest to James and Becky is the statistic that about 40% of both sexes (men: 39%, women: 45%) put their profile on internet dating sites, “Out of curiosity or fun with no intention of making any kind of contact.” This fact provides a clear lesson for those disappointed to receive no reply to their carefully crafted emails.

These two motivations are not mutually exclusive, although some might disagree!

When you start out as an internet dating newbie, it seems only reasonable to assume that the majority of other people are going onto internet dating sites for the same reasons that you are.

And as you negotiate the online dating jungle, you need to be aware that not everyone’s motivations are as pure (or as debased) as your own.

According to this survey 40% of women and 30% of men often using internet dating sites, “For casual online chatting or flirting and nothing more.” This means that these people are not intending to ever meet up in the real world – an attitude many people would consider wasting other people’s time.Are internet daters simply floundering in a new medium with unclear rules or is there a more fundamental problem?Research into people’s motivations is beginning to uncover some answers.“I’m finding it really frustrating at the moment, I’ve been sending out a few messages to women whose profiles I like and I haven’t been getting much response.If, however, you see people’s motivations as more complex and inherently contradictory, then perhaps the research is providing some very clear messages.There are always going to be some people at the extreme ends of the spectrum who are using internet dating just as a way of obtaining sex, and there are going to be those who are just interested in marriage.

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