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Yet these prescribed methods do not seem to work for a significant portion of the population.Tooth decay is caused by nutrient deficiencies and not bacteria.“Automatic,” embedded above, took a year to write, they say. And if you like what you hear, chances are you’ll have a chance to see Castro live over the next couple of months. The remedies prescribed have been fluoride, tooth brushing and tooth flossing.When these fail, you must submit to drilling and filling.” There are compelling reasons for the industry of dentistry to be blind to a nutritional or preventative paradigm because it would require changing how they do business.

Judging from their answers to questions posed during that Twitter party, you just might hear some of their favorite originals that didn’t make the EP, like “Crying Wolf,” “Head to My Heart” and “I See You.” Ticket information is available through the Castro band’s Facebook page and website, where you can also order a physical copy of the new EP.

Well, his performance on The Voice made that possible, but his “deal” with Republic Records yielded just a single, 2015’s “Counting on Love.” So he turned to fans to help finance his EP through a Pledge Music Campaign.

They responded, and now we have a followup to “View of the Pines,” the eight-song collection Matt released in 2014, before appearing on the show.

Five years ago my daughter's teeth started to crumble apart.

Rather than subject her to painful dental treatments, I sought to find what really causes tooth cavities.

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