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Psych had a good run, it is of my favourite TV programmes and will further remain to be for a long, long time. I haven't NOT laughed at the show this much since season three, which was, IMHO, the worst of the series until now. They don't seem to know what to do with Henry, when there's plenty to be done with him.

--Shawn and Juliet to get married --Gus to get a soul mate (like the one in this episode 5-they had good chemistry) --The chief gets her job back --For the guys to have a successful detective agency, like getting cases outside of the police department (this was their dream job since they were kids) --it was nice to have Lassiter become a dad --Shawn's dad to consult with him on a case now and again Basically, happy endings all around. I swore I thought they'd been greenlit for a ninth season and hoped they'd get back on track and finish out with a strong S9. and the outtakes they show at the end now that show people reacting to all of Roday's improv. Definitely one of the funniest episodes of the series, directed by none other than John Landis.

Miller will pen the script and exec produce alongside John Hamburg, the latter of whom will direct the Warner Bros.

It worries me that they only now announced that it's the final season, because it almost sounds like the decision was just made, after filming was complete.Roday will topline the comedy as Joel, a dedicated middle-school guidance counselor who thinks his marriage to Lindsay -- a jet-setting executive -- is a happy one. But when they disagree about whether the time is right to start a family, the begin the painful, funny, embarrassing and ultimately rewarding road of couples counseling. The news about this being Psych's final season have been long-coming and speculated about.Even before Maggie Lawson took up on that new role it was suggested. Juliet's practically a ghost because they had to work around Lawson being on the (sorry) awful series Back in the Game.

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