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If on the other hand, you are a transgender person and you are looking for people who will respect and admire your preferences, as you can see this is the perfect shemale dating platform for you as we are the most active transgender website for singles shemales & admirers looking to date.

Même si vous devez partir ne ratez plus rien et continuez à vous amuser.

Transgender people, especially transgender women, regularly receive abusive messages if they choose to disclose their transness on their profile.

The transphobia on the service is so rampant, in fact, that Ok Cupid feels the need to warn people (in the bottom of Privacy Controls) that they should not try to delete transgender people from the service by reporting their profiles.

If your Ok Cupid flirtations and in-person interactions are reaching a point where it seems like pants and/or skirts and/or dresses might start coming off in the near future, it might be nice to know what to expect from a purely logistical perspective (e.g.

If you’re not an asshole and you think of yourself as the kind of person who’d be open to meeting a transgender person on Ok Cupid, here are some things to avoid saying during conversations with your transgender romantic prospect: 1) “Are you a man or a woman?

Nous ne nous adressons pas seulement aux Transsexuelles mais aussi aux femmes Transgenres.

Nous ne faisons aucune discrimination et notre but est de soutenir pleinement la communauté TS/TG.

Rejoignez notre communauté dès aujourd’hui et aidez-nous à faire d’internet un endroit plus sure où les femmes TS peuvent faire de belles rencontres!

Avec l’adhésion de base, qui est gratuite, vous pouvez créer votre profil, mettre en ligne des images, chercher et feuilleter les profils d’autres membres, envoyer des messages flirt.

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