Policy for updating erp files

Problem: I have a folder with 20 PDFs and once a month some of the PDFs get updated.

Then I have to update 60 machines with the new PDFs and delete out the old PDFs.

An employer generally maintains several types of personnel files, for business use, for employee confidentiality, for medical privacy, and for legal compliance.

I am unaware of any law that says how many files an employer is required to keep.

Not all personnel files contain the same documents but each personnel file has some documents that are the same.

My thinking is: In GPO Files Action: Update Sources files: \server\stamps\ Destination folder: C:\program files\app folder\stamps If I delete all the PDFs off the computer and do gpudate on workstation I get all the PDFs.

If I add a PDF to the source location and do a gpupdate on workstation I get the new PDF.

Microsoft Windows Vista® and Windows Server 2008 introduce a new format for displaying registry-based policy settings.

An employee may view his or her personnel file by contacting a Human Resources staff person during normal business hours.

No employee may alter or remove any document from his or her personnel file which must be viewed in the presence of an HR staff person.

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