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They go back to at least 1,500 BC, actually, when Jimmy Eat World weren't even a twinkle in the milkman's eye9. Having piercings does not mean I am shunning society and refusing to earn a living. And long before Rihanna freely flaunted hers, Isabella of Bavaria, the queen of France, introduced flashy nipple piercings to women in the 1300s.The 21st century has seen its fair share of piercing trends, too, and thanks to a handful of designers these past few seasons, partaking in the ancient art can be as easy and painless as putting on a T-shirt. Plenty of people do like bemetalled women, so never mind. Someone shoved a huge needle through my flesh....3.

The trend was still very much alive during the fall 2016 collections, with pierced angora sweater dresses at Alexander Wang and leather barbell handbags and blouses at J.

In movies, guys have what’s called “locker room talk” where it’s all systems go, so is “girl talk” no different?

Perhaps it’s a good thing that Aubrey feels so comfortable talking about Pauly after the rocky past they’ve had. and immediately hit it off, so much so that they even moved in together!

It’s a trend that has been going in and out of fashion for millennia, with the first-ever earlobe piercing dating back to more than 5,000 years ago on a mummified body found near present-day Austria.

Piercing noses in the Middle East (to alleviate child birth), tongues in Mayan and Aztec civilizations (as offerings to the gods), and lips in Alaskan Eskimo tribes (for religious reasons) soon followed.

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