Oberlin college dating scene

Deans and advisors are alright, but they seem to be giving lipservice to some of your concerns.

Basically there's a huge disconnect between what students and even faculty want in terms of supporting the student body and what the administration is willing to do. Great faculties-all my professors are available and are very willing to help every time I asked.Also, you realize that Oberlin's collective reluctance to date pushes actually GOING on dates into the rare "so retro it's actually cute and romantic" category. we're untraditional and dislike nomenclature Huuuuge knock knock. Obies are so independent and individual that they want to ensure their relationships preserve their independence.I have never had so many discussions about what to call significant others, the idea of saying "your" or "my" with regards to a human, etc. Ma'ayan Plaut '10 has filed this entry in the following section(s): Social Justice / Activism Student Life & Culture Student Organizations Read more entries by Ma'ayan Plaut '10 Explore other bloggers. "ask any Oberlin student and they will say that Oberlin is not a place to "date."" what? there isn't a singular 'dating scene,' to be sure, but people have meaningful relationships (however they define either of those words) all the time. not every time i get coffee or lunch with a friend. But then, after all that work, some of us wind up bidding on our friends because we know nothing would make us happier than an excuse for a fancy dinner with them.and i would happen to define a date as spending scheduled time with someone i'm interested in. I'm not saying we're not romantic as hell or that our relationships are meaningless, just that we're untraditional and dislike nomenclature.

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