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They can then search for other IDs online or by calling a certain phone number dictated by the service.

The criteria include age, gender and sexual preference.

Usually these sites are free to use but standard text messaging fees may still apply as well as a small fee the dating service charges per message.

Mobile dating websites, in order to increase the opportunities for meeting, focus attention on users that share the same social network and proximity.

The rise of mobile dating and in particular, dating app Tinder has changed the way people meet potential partners and date.

In 2004 Match, Webdate and Lavalife were the mobile dating early leaders.

and 3G Dating is emerging as 3G networks and Video Mobiles become more widespread.

The potential for one-to-one video calling offers additional safety and helps ensures members are real.

Some companies even offer services such as homing devices to alert users when another user is within thirty feet of one another.

Some systems involve bluetooth technology to connect users in locations such as bars and clubs. These systems are actually more popular in some countries in Europe and Asia than online dating.

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