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---- I hadn't seen the Joy- Chanyeol one circulate among the international fandom (I don't follow EXO though so I could be wrong) but several k-fans seem to be aware of this rumor but it seems like it is being shielded for the most part. But their schedules and being under fan surveillance almost 24/7 I'd find it hard to believe that no one would have outed it already :/ plus dispatch exists...

Please take with a grain of salt like I stated before I am just trying to spread with the international fandom I'd just like to point out that the OP basically made a list of the rumors that have been circulating on PANN/ among the EXO fans for the last year and was pretty rude in their post which explains the downvotes and the fact that EXO fans down vote anything related to rumors to have it removed. The couples in questions are ones that have circulated among the K-fandom throughout the last year or so although they totally could have been made up by a delusional fan girl since there is no evidence lol. ...I can't really believe this w/o proof tho I think the downvotes has to do with how sassy the OP was with EXO-L's lol.

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  2. From the screenshot, it is clearly a twin-sim whose memory seems to be full. The juvenile language used in the exchanges looks a little too shallow to be emanating from a well traveled socialite like Sidika.