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Last year our article exposing the truth about Puffta receive several careless, childish comments here on our wordpress blog attempting to defend their actions of the company – after which a simple check of the I.P address told us that it was posted from the offices of “QSoft Consulting” – the owners of Gaydar.Recalling the conversation, Miss Impey said: “He was really excited.He said ‘I’ve met someone, he’s really artsy, he’s really cute, I don’t know how I’m going to tell Ricky’.”Port, 41, denies 29 offences against a total of 12 men - including four murders, seven rapes, four sex assaults and administering a substance with intent.Now, as a result of this new research, we will know more than ever before about the very many gays and lesbians in the UK whom our media products reach.” Gay Mafia Watch believes this current assault against is one such new technique dreamt up to cash in on the community.The above is clear proof of smarter, sneakier, move covert ways of harvesting the pink pound being explored and deployed – and the identity of those who are employing them.Millivres Prowler Group also carried out some rather in-depth research last year with “Out Now Consulting”, these comments appeared in an marketing news blog: “This new UK gay market research report is a real groundbreaker,” said Ian Johnson, CEO of Out Now.

He last saw Mr Whitworth on the morning of September 18 and received a message in the afternoon to say he was working late.This page has been flagged as containing adult content and cannot be displayed on About Us.If you believe this page has been flagged in error please contact us at [email protected] the market data behind the UK gay market is going to become accessible in a way never possible before.” “We are delighted to announce this new research,” said Kim Watson, Deputy Managing Director of MPG.“Many people espouse views on the lives of lesbians and gay men, often without knowing the facts.

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Ricky Waumsley lived with Mr Whitworth in the town, having met through Lads Lads dating website.

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