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He just has an intensity that's amazingly watchable to me," Thomas says.Dohring is indeed impressive; just consider the snappy, quick dialog that he delivers each week.Another experience that Bell had recently was her appearance on MTV's .Host Ashton Kutcher and his band of jokesters set her up with the help of her boyfriend.She and her boyfriend drove to a nearby pet store to get some supplies.While he was inside the store, Bell noticed a young boy hanging up a flyer for a lost dog that looked exactly like the one she was holding.

gang around because of CBS and UPN being under the same corporate umbrella and they still discuss his episode. I got there at in the morning and wrapped at midnight and they shot one more scene after I left," he says with the same impressed flair that his fans feel for him. The shocking news that they would need to be bald for the shoot threw off a lot of the girls, but they were all relieved to learn that it was only a bald cap and not the real deal. It came down to Furonda and Kathy (Pictured to the left. In the end, it was Kathy's lack of potential and her lifeless photo that sent her home.

The show performed well last Friday night, coming in second for the hour right behind CBS' are produced by 20th Century Fox TV.

In the mini-episode, after Earl wins the lottery and gets run over by the car, he lands in the hospital.

According to Bell, the whole thing stems from her own experiences.

"On one of my first dates, I was like, 'I'm really full and I'm going to unbutton my pants.

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Duncan, Chris Lowell, Ken Marino, Amanda Noret, and Lisa Thornhill are all confirmed to appear.

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  1. “When she was depressed, I was manic; the whole relationship was a disaster, but it did make me more compassionate and understanding of what my partners go through.” For some couples, says Jon P.