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but in spite of everything, the health center acknowledged I mayn’t. it appears that asthma is like rat poison in the navy.

if you don't appear to be careful, it might be lifestyles-thrdevourening, so they told me I mayn’t do it.” The interview also printed Yoochun’s despite the fact thatts about his occupation.

In an interview with media YTN in November, Junsu had said his ideal type of woman is “bright, cheerful, positive and pro-sports,” which description perfectly matches Hani’s character in entertainment TV shows.

One representative said, “Because he has frequent performances abroad and other schedules, we’re currently adjusting his schedule.

It seems that he’ll probably leave for service at the end of this year and at the latest by February of next year.” Kim Junsu has received the notice that he’ll be placed as a Level 2 soldier, which qualifies him to not serve in active duty.

2455, 82 Doesnt subject whether hes in the army or not yet its still wrong that he went 1883, 64 Did you not be toldanything else from Sanchoo and SE7EN you must just remain off television now too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Share on Facebook Share on Twitter# B1A4’s Baro,these days experiencing militaryexistence with fellow celebrities Im Won Hee, Kim Young Chul, Lee Kyu Han, Sleepy, Sam Okyere, Julian Kang, and Don Spike, has expressed an affinity for the military,announcing that hein reality likes it. I’m thinking about long-term service.” Lee Kyu Han then asks if Baro likes the food, to which he says, “Itin reality suits my tastes.

On the August nine episode of MBC’s “Real Men,” Baro says whilst eating breakfast, “I like the military because theyhelp you sleep a lot. I reallyfind it irresistible here.” Source (1) (Photo : Facebook ) Super Junior member and actor Choi Siwon has passed the exam to be a conscripted policeman.

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