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These investments include the costs of producing gametes as well as any other care or efforts that parents provide after birth or hatching.Reformulating Bateman's ideas, Trivers argued that the sex which exhibits less parental investment (not necessarily the male) will have to compete for mating opportunities with the sex that invests more.He was perplexed by the elaborate ornamentation that males of some species have, because such features appeared to be detrimental to survival and to have negative consequences for reproductive success.Darwin proposed two explanations for the existence of such traits: these traits are useful in male-male combat or they are preferred by females. Darwin treated natural selection and sexual selection as two different topics, although in the 1930s biologists defined sexual selection as being a part of natural selection.

They were also seen as more desirable short- and long-term romantic partners.Males must fight, in the form of intra-sexual competition, for the opportunity to mate because not all males will be chosen by females.This became known as Bateman's principle, and although this was a major finding that added to the work of Darwin and Fisher, it was overlooked until George C.This increased help caring for the young lifts some of the burden from the mother so that she can raise more offspring than she could without help.In the great reed warbler, females tend to be attracted to males with longer song repertoires since they tend to sire offspring with improved viability.

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