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The thing is, if you're not being true to yourself, it's practically like walking around with a ton of bricks on your back.It just feels awful and it can poison so much of your life. Don't ignore your deep down gut feelings, intuition, or divine inspiration. I know - this can be painful - and might even practically feel like a divorce. And by the way, there ARE many, many wonderful people out there! Is there a chance you are fearful of relationships or marriage, in general? That's the amazing thing about life - we all can choose how we react to our circumstances. At this point, if you're truly stuck and paralyzed and unable to make a decision, you might want to get counseling and/or do major, major personal introspection.These are all important things to consider about yourself- and it may be easier to hash things out with a relationship coach, therapist or mentor as you try to get yourself on a solid foundation and build up enough wisdom, self-worth, and strength to approach relationships in a healthier way.I have no doubt that if you do the personal work - you absolutely can improve and make lasting changes! If you're still in a dating relationship where you feel in turmoil, it still might be best to set both of yourselves free and put all your energy into doing the personal work you need to heal and improve your approach to relationships.Going with the flow, I'll be teaching a basic on-line (via email communication) class.

Would it make sense to get married with that same kind of awful feeling? Would you want to force yourself through your wedding day, even though in your gut you feel a little sick? But if the relationship is causing you so much turmoil, it's essential that you are honest with yourself and honest with your partner. Sometimes we get stuck thinking, "This is my only chance to get married." And it just isn't true! Are you so, so afraid of making a bad decision that you feel paralyzed by having to make any decision at all?

The class will range from no less than .00 or no more than .00.

If you dabble with or are interested in bringing essential oils (Aromatherapy) into your lifestyle, this is a very Good investment for you.

Perhaps something about the partner just holds you back and makes you wonder if this really is what you want in a partner. Do you know you should just end it but don't do so out of FEAR..that you will be miserable on your own, that you won't meet anyone else this good, or that no one else will love you?

My heart goes out so much to anyone trying to make a difficult decision like that. Do you just not feel ready enough or mature enough for marriage?

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