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The study was carried out to quantify the amount of ink diffusion using luminosity as a parameter at different intervals of time by preparing a Common Reference Index Value (CRIV) and to assess whether particular writings were made at the same period of time.

This study reveals that there are noticeable differences in the rates of diffusion of the same classes of inks, depending on time interval. Speckin Forensic Laboratories – The Forensic Specialist.

Often, we come across the terms “static/absolute” or “dynamic/relative” in regard to the aging process.

With absolute aging, analytical ages lead to the determination of a time frame, in which a questioned entry must have been produced.

Examination of ink using hyperspectral comparator (HSC) is a non-destructive process and has repeatable methods.

With the application of this latest technology, the present work, with its innovative approach, will be able to answer: Hyperspectral Imaging in Forensic Document Examination Magdalena, Jaun, Gongora, Itxaso, and Rosa (2010) reviewed the different analytical methods that had been used in the field of forensics in dating inks from different modern writing instruments.

Studies regarding the aging and dating of ball point inks, using different techniques and approaches, were carried out by R.

This is because the concepts of absolute and relative aging are not clearly understood.

With relative aging, samples of two or more questioned entries (that may be on different sheets or on the same sheet) are analyzed and compared to determine which sample is older or younger than the others (Hofer, 2004).

The objective of this work is to define and corroborate a method of analysis for questioned documents pertaining to the relative aging of writings.

Halder and Garain (2010) reported on the color feature approach to determining ink age in printed documents. Estimation of the age of the writing in Blue black Ink (first Report).

They made use of the image processing and pattern recognition principle for determining ink age in printed documents. (2008) worked on the quantitative hyperspectral reflectance imaging for a user-defined region of interest using wavelength ranging from 365 to 1100 nm to study the degradation effects of historical documents. The Examination of Aged Ball Point Ink Writing by Solvent Extraction/Spectrophotometry. 749, Home Office Forensic Science Service, Aldermaston, Reading, Berkshire, UK, 1990.

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HSI is a standard digital imaging technique with common spectroscopic methods, such as Near-IR, visible and fluorescence imaging that provides increased sensitivity and discrimination capabilities over traditional imaging and detection methods. Studies on the degradation of blue gel pen dyes by ion-pairing high performance liquid Chromatography and electrospray tandem mass spectrometry.

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