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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'll express mine.

I feel that kids are an anchor, financially and freedom-wise.

But I don’t know what to do or how to find women my age or a little older that don’t want children. No Children and Perpetually Single Dear No Children, The good news for you is that “the percentage of women of childbearing age who define themselves as voluntarily childless is on the rise.” It was on the rise when that article was published in 2001 and is still on the rise. I’ll bet they can be found in places hospitable to socially dissident urban clusters.

I see all these couples and I get envious of them and I feel like I’ll never be in a relationship again. Sure enough, in searching around for places where you might find such women, I ran across this.

So the main thing for you personally seems to be that you have a perfectly logical set of reasons for not wanting kids, and you need to be proud of it.

This is causing and has caused me problems with relationships.I tried Internet dating and I clicked the option I didn’t want children and one woman wrote to me, but she was a 40-something divorced woman that I wasn’t attracted to.I don’t want to get to the point of constant angry resentment (which I can feel from time to time) or be a hermit.Since at least 95 percent of women want children (and 90 percent of men), and I’m of the age when everyone is either getting married or wanting to get married and start a family, I am having trouble having a relationship.At some point, that question comes up and as soon as I express my opinion, the woman leaves.

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I certainly don’t wish to pursue a relationship with a woman who wants children, either.

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