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Since there are many misconceptions about the Schwinn serial numbers I want to devote this thread to clearing up all the mysteries, myths, rumors and falsehoods that lead one into believing that a date coded Schwinn serial number is the build date of a bike.The serial number was stamped on a frame for specific purpose, and it was not intended nor does it tell you the day, month and in some cases the year a particular bike was built.Although when using the date code associated to the serial number along with any date coded parts a bike may have, it will give you a rough idea of when the bike was actually built.

An example would be 'G0181' and equates to "Giant, January, 1981".of build 1 thru 365, the 4th (last digit) is the last number in the year. If you are not sure which decade the bike is from, check the parts and graphics on the bike to the pictures in the catalog pages.Gene from web site provided this great info on figuring out your old trusty Schwinn; Schwinn Bike Dating After 1965, Schwinn serial number sequences, while appearing to beconfusing on first sight, follow several general rules.Limited Production Schwinn Bikes include Paramount, Letour, and Sting model names produced in the United States.The Paramount serial numbers (1970 - 1979)included a production month letter followed by twonumbers indicating production year (79 = 1970, etc.). WTB: Nothing, unless it's a real cheap local survivor score!

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The problem is that it looks slighty different from the original catalog pik i have so im not sure of the year now.. Serial# is 2kbxm00238 • • I cant find this bike online anywhere. Perhaps there is another number that I overlooked somewhere else on the bike but I looked all over and believe this is the only number.

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