Dating rules make him pursue you

We had some turmoil in between and I thought I wouldn’t hear from him again.

A high-quality man who knows what he wants will not settle for just any woman to build a meaningful relationship with.

If I were in his position, I would continue acting in the way that has you chasing. He tried it one way, it probably felt terrible to him and ultimately got him rejected.

So based on that experience, he would probably make a conscious, willful effort not to get back into that position with you again. With that said, here’s a few things to consider: First, guys don’t chase things that they don’t think they have to chase.

Many of us modern 21st century women have been taught that in order to get a guy we have to go out there and snag him, trick him, tag him and drag him home. They won't always admit it, but they absolutely LOVE the chase.

But that doesn't work - at least not in the long run. They want a woman who has the traits described in this audiobook.

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