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He wants us to come to Him recognizing that we need Him in order to persevere through the pain.” For the PURE paperback, visit Amazon BGx -RSJ Team“Braving the potentially cold, possibly shark-ridden waters of relationships can be ultra scary.

But let’s face’s worth it.” From Rebecca's book, "What Is He Thinking?

The tour will also introduce audiences to Tooth & Nail artist, Jadon Lavik, whose recent Top 5 single 'What If' and the follow-up, 'Changing Happy' have given him recent national attention.

For her first full studio album release in five years, If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something, released by EMI/Forefront, marks a return to Rebecca's pop rock roots with a strong, fresh energy and creativity in her music that does more than gently rustle the curtains-it blows them totally off the rods.

James reappeared in 2005 with the pop-friendly If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something.

Currently on a mission in Rwanda in her role as a global spokeswoman for Compassion International, Rebecca St. The tour, which celebrates the release in November of St.

“God already knows everything about us, and He knows what we are going through at a given moment.

Set to music with raw, passionate urgency, 'you are loved' emerged strongly during the creative stages of Rebecca's inspiration for the new music-much of which she credits to a deep time with God spent on sabbatical at L'Abri in Switzerland last year.

She noted in a recent interview: 'I thought I was caught up in this theme for a friend, but in truth 'you are loved' is a truth for myself and for every person listening.

After the tragic death of his wife and losing custody of his little girl, James is at the darkest crossroad of his life. Words cannot adequately express the deepest respect and admiration I have for my brothers Joel and Luke from for KING & COUNTRY for their first film Priceless The Movie.

The message of the movie that every person has infinite value and is worthy of love and respect - is an answer to the cries of this generation.

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