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(Verzeichnis der orientalischen Handschriften in Deutschland XIX 2).

as follows: = Papyrus grecs du Musée Gréco-Romain d'Alexandrie, ed.

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In the following list, the numbers are ours and the texts cited by page numbers, which are given in square brackets.

Not all the texts are edited or reprinted in full and they are not numbered serially.

But how can you know if they're truly compatible with you?

We want to give you the best chance for a long and happy relationship. Republished in UPZ II 205—207, 214—215, 217—221, 226—228. DZA]VII, Papyri, Ostraka und Wachstafeln aus Philadelphia im Fayûm, ed. 1, Allgemeine Einführung in die arabischen Papyri; Pt. We think the dates our members go on should be amazing, memorable occasions.Join e Harmony today and ensure your first meeting has that 'wow' moment.

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