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It has the same popular single-ended EL84-based circuit, but Dr. While little single-ended beasties like the Mini-Z are less bovine of output than your average club combo, they’re still too loud, at full juice, for apartment dwelling or late night jams.Z now builds it in a larger chassis that also houses a built-in attenuator (essentially the Brake Lite), which allows you to take it from its raging 5 watts at maximum crank, all the way down to less than 1 watt. And let’s face it: full juice is how you’re usually going to be playing an amp like this.Z (du nom de son talentueux créateur Mike Zaite) est extrêmement présent sur le marché américain. Z et une réputation extrêmement solide auprès des joueurs de blues, country et gros rock en tout genre.La marque propose des amplis très haut de gamme, câblés point-to-point, entièrement à la main, avec une finition extrêmement soignée et une large gamme qui satisfera les plus exigeants d'entre nous.

Lows are short of gut-thumping, naturally, but are full enough to contribute to a convincing big-amp sound, and the Mini-Z’s ability to achieve chewy old-school rock lead tones with mucho touch sensitivity and compression—at a range of lower volume levels—makes it absolutely addictive.The amp is pristine, red with tan grill, but I am not sure of the dating. - Arthur Schopenhauer The important thing is not to stop questioning.Notably, on the rear of the amp is factory inscribed "FAT TONE". Amp also has a pair 30W Celestion 70th Anniversery SE. - Albert Einstein Location: Renton WA USA (just outside of Seattle)Welcome to the tribe. Give it lots of time, for Maz Jr love is a long and winding road.RESPECTED CLEVELAND-BASED “BOUTIQUE” amp and accessories manufacturer Dr.Z is combating these recessionary times with a trio of new releases, two of which are aimed at making you sound smaller—in a manner of speaking— while the other helps you sound bigger… In keeping with Dr Z’s reputation for admirable construction quality and no-nonsense affordability—in the realm of hand-made gear at least—these newcomers land at prices well south of the stratosphere, too.

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