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I don't the history of how you met or where she's from but chances are that she'll get very serious very quickly and you'll have a hard time pulling out of it if you're not upfront with her about your intentions. The older she gets the more inclined to marriage she will be. There'll be more replies to follow - I expect a decent discussion about this topic so stay tuned. The biggest thing I could advise you to be aware of is that chinese girls like to say that they are "nice traditional girls" and therefore don't do things like drink alcohol, smoke, or kiss/sleep with boys they aren't married to. They just don't want to FEEL like bad girls, so you have to take charge, be the instigator, push a little bit (not TOO much, we're not going for date rape here, but still just a tiny bit past their comfort level), all the while reassuring them that they are still nice and traditional.

About your intentions..sounds like you're kind of new here and that this thing with this girl is pretty new and that you may not fully understand what it is you're after yourself. Aside from that, I don't think you need to worry so much about accidentally offending her culture.

They learn to understand that buying presents = loving someone. Westerners don't agree with it because we've been trained to see that kind of behavior as gold-digging or false love.

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Use language practice as the guise for getting her in your place. As you know Chinese parents have a tendency to spoil their kid and it is expected in Chinese culture that a boyfriend will buy expensive presents for his girlfriend too.

This naturally has the effect on a certain number of girls that they will want to spend every single dollar dollar bill yo they can get their hands on.

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That said - the OP of this thread is coming across as a bit of 'tard..her, man, and see where things end up.

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