Dating after alcoholism

Our life together is different than I imagined, especially when I think back to early sobriety and remember how intent I was on dating someone who was sober — because Brandon isn't.

It hasn't always been easy to navigate dating a normal drinker, but we've managed.

So I gave in to my last resort: I downloaded Tinder. I realized that the type of person I had been looking for — someone sober, young, someone like me — wasn't as good a fit as I'd dreamed up.Though I didn't know it then, that would be the last time I drank. I quickly found that my life was better sober, and I ran with it.Months later when I was in a good place, my mind wandered to dating.I left the information about sobriety in my bio, figuring that if that was a turn-off for someone, so be it.That probably wasn't someone I wanted in my life anyway.

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