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In the results show, broadcast on it was announced that Bruce had received the most public votes of all remaining Team Danny acts and would therefore progress immediately onto the semi-final round of the competition without facing elimination.Bruce performed "Charlie Brown" by Coldplay in the semi-final on , while in the results show it was revealed that she was to progress to the final and compete to win the recording contract prize."He came to Los Angeles and stayed down the street from my old ghetto, met my brother, tried to get me to do some crazy stuff," said will."Yeah but I couldn't stay in his house because I'm Irish," joked Danny.Bruce's relationship with her label Mercury began to deteriorate after the release of 2nd single "Alive", which Bruce believed had been under-promoted.

"I wouldn't rule out dating a fan or a contestant, no I wouldn't," he said. "We're directing the second single called Alive, which we co-wrote together." "It's an amazing song," he added.

"She let us know that." Danny and fellow coach will.took advantage of their 'steals' and coaxed acts into the recording studio.

"People that Jessie are kicking off, me and will are like, come on, let's go make a record," said Danny. "Danny wrote it way before the show but then we worked on it and made it fresh," said will.

It was produced by Tom Marsh, who co-wrote three of the songs and played a number of instruments.

It featured the songs "Behind The Gates", "Waking", "Fighting Arizona", "Crossfire" and "Black Ice"; the latter was submitted upon applying for the Channel 4 competition while 'Fighting Arizona' was performed during the broadcast.

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