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I never knew you, but we standup comics are like cops. Sure, we will make fun of it, tell bad jokes about it, set up a Standup Comedy Suicide Pool, but inside, we know we might be next. Whatever that was, that made you take yourself out, I can only hope it is better now, and that heaven is nice, and that you are in the company of comics that you liked, and that everything is good.

Then we will secretly, quietly, weep at the loss of another one of us, because in a way, we are all one tribe, a kind of insane secret nation, our very own special brand of idiot savants.

But you know, people like us, we don’t have it together – not in the least, and nobody knows. Nobody wants to know how bad it is in here, in this head, in this body, and they just want the funny guy back, that is what the audience pays for, and that is what they will get, night after night, year after year. That stupid mythology of the tears of the clown is really no myth.

When you look at the acts they influenced, you get Simon & Garfunkel, you get The Hollies, you get some of the best vocal duos of all time. Right now, I drive around and I've got four CDs that I made of compilations of new songs that I'm working on.

I have four CDs of new songs and I'm trying to pick out of those the ones that I want to turn into real songs for the album.

MR: Speaking of awesome Christmas songs that are under the radar, there's a song on that collection that is amazing.

The Everly Brothers were on RCA for like two albums and they did a song called "Christmas Eve Can Kill You" that was originally on CI: [laughs] As somebody said once, "I'd listen to The Everly Brothers sing a phone book." I've met Phil Everly tons of times and he just couldn't be a nicer guy. My older brother and I sing together, he goes out on tour with me.

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Love in its "purest" form is the love that *most* parents feel for their children.

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  1. Women, on the other hand, have narrowed down their lists primarily to non-negotiables: growing in the Lord, bathing regularly. And if you are overweight, you can’t remain that way.