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Having rich marine resources and long coastlines, the province is home to numerous fishery activities providing livelihood to many Caviteños.

In some lowland and even upland areas, fishery, in the form of fish ponds are also producing a large amount of fish products.

Majority of production land-use is for agriculture.

Considering that 50.33% of the total provincial land area is engaged into agriculture, it can be generalized that in spite of rapid urbanization in the province, Cavite remains to have an agricultural economy that makes food security attainable.

The built-up areas are mainly composed of residential and industrial sites.

This also includes commercial and business areas where commerce is transpiring.

With a population of 3,678,301 in 2015, it is the most populated province in the country.

For over 300 years, the province has been known as the "Historical Capital of the Philippines" and was the cradle of the Philippine Revolution, the renouncement of Spanish colonial control, which culminated in the Philippine Declaration of Independence on June Cavite is the second smallest province (with the Province of Rizal being the smallest) in the Calabarzon region.

Fishery is also another major component of the agricultural sector.

Forest lands are being maintained as they play a great role for the ecological balance of the province aside from the fact that they are home to numerous flora and fauna that needs to be protected and preserved.

Correspondingly, the alienable and disposable lands are the built-up areas as well as production areas.

Some areas in Cavite are also engaged in fish processing and production of fish products like fish sauce.

Mining is the third component of production land-use in the province.

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Tourism establishments are also considered built-up areas such as golf courses, leisure farms, resorts and the likes.

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