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Adept at cultivating Three Sisters (maize/beans/squash), the Iroquois became powerful because of their confederacy.

Gradually the Algonquians adopted agricultural practises enabling larger populations to be sustained.

A band is a legally recognized "body of Indians for whose collective use and benefit lands have been set apart or money is held by the Canadian Crown, or declared to be a band for the purposes of the Indian Act." Some First Nations people consider the term offensive, while others prefer it to "Aboriginal person/persons/peoplet." The term is a misnomer given to indigenous peoples of North America by European explorers who erroneously thought they had landed on the Indian subcontinent.

The use of the term "Native Americans," which the United States government and others have adopted, is not common in Canada.

The Blackfoot started as Woodland Nations but as they made their way over to the Plains, they adapted to new ways of life and became accustomed to the land.

The Squamish history is a series of past events, both passed on through oral tradition and recent history, of the Squamish indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Individuals using the term outside Canada include supporters of the Cascadian independence movement, as well as U. A more recent trend is for members of various nations to refer to themselves by their tribal or national identity only, e.g., "I'm Haida", or "We're Kwantlens", in recognition of the distinctiveness of First Nations ethnicities.

North American indigenous peoples have cultures spanning thousands of years.

The Blackfoot Confederacies reside in the Great Plains of Montana and Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Combined with later economic development, this relatively non-combative history has allowed First Nations peoples to have an influence on the national culture, while preserving their own identities.

Others say that the term came into common usage in the 1970s to avoid using the word "Indian," which some Canadians considered offensive. Some Aboriginal peoples in Canada have also adopted the term "First Nation" to replace the word "band" in the formal name of their community.

Some of their oral traditions accurately describe historical events, such as the Cascadia Earthquake of 1700 and the 18th century Tseax Cone eruption.

Written records began with the arrival of European explorers and colonists during the Age of Discovery, beginning in the late 15th century.

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One account claimed that the Blackfoot Confederacies walked through the ashes of prairie fires, which in turn coloured the bottoms of their moccasins black.

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