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It was our second date when he first called me his girlfriend.

I cringed a little internally — it seemed rather fast — but told him that if he was really interested in a monogamous, exclusive relationship, I’d be willing to give it a go.

He pondered that and said that maybe he’d jumped the gun after all.

And, had I not buried my self-respect at the bottle of the aforementioned bottle of Cabernet, I would’ve ended both the relationship and the interaction right there. Because if you don’t like the person that much, even a two-course dinner can seem like an eternity.But it nagged at me, his smiling face in that profile thumbnail, the little “online now!” message I’d see occasionally when I looked at it, the mental calculation of the last time he’d been online using it and whether we were talking even as he did so. Change your picture to one that is four times as gorgeous as you normally look (this could require major hair and makeup, but so what? Then send him a saucy note about how you, like, rilly love his profile and think he's "hott! " Attach his favorite photo of the two of you, but Photoshop him out of it. Then when you see him in person, ask him to take down his profiles. S.: If he wants to log on to something, tell him to sell stuff on e Bay, watch his stocks, or check out his horoscope at ess than an hour after I (mostly) finished filling out my profile, my first email arrived: “Hey. After he asked me out, a friend took me aside and said, “Look, if you’re not looking for anything serious, I totally respect that, but be really up front with John, because he’s clearly looking for a serious relationship and I don’t want to see this blow up in my face.” I took him at his word, especially after John showered me with attention: long IM conversations, late night phone calls, protestations that he missed me when I went out of town for a week shortly after we started dating.

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And so late one night, fueled by morbid curiosity, Cabernet and a friend’s urging, I logged on and created a FREE! Instantly I became a 35-year-old teetotalling Latina who professed to being a little bit shy and just dipping her toes in the dating waters after a failed relationship.

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