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This is a community that holds true to rural values and pioneer spirit while embracing global concepts. Travel to an Interstate, whether Interstate 35 or Interstate 40 is only 2 hours.

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haha The game is very dated though but its still a fantastic play with fantastic art. I've played this game like a million times and just found something really funny.

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One morning, another volunteer who knew Isaac turned to me and said, “So has Isaac mentioned his new charity to you? “In fact, I’m avoiding him.” “Well, he’s holding a benefit dinner for this new charity he supposedly started, and asked me donate money. He was telling me yesterday how he wants to take you to a nice restaurant and buy you a gift, but I know he’s broke. I began to ask around, even asking Isaac’s parents who were well-known in the community if they knew about a charity he was starting. When I confronted Isaac about how I didn’t appreciate him making up a fake charity and asking my friends for money, it became apparent my intuition was correct.