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The Old Path TV is an online video portal to a wide-array of religious and spirituality-related discussion of issues ranging from prayers and science to Bible authenticity, to exposes of false and corrupt religious practices, to the Kingdom of God on earth, and to the true deity of Jesus Christ and many more.

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At present, the program is aired live via satellite through the facilities of UHF Channel UNTV 37.

Ang Dating Daan is the flagship broadcast program of the MCGI and Bro. On its website, ANG DATING DAAN (English: The Old Path | Portuguese: O Caminho Antigo | Spanish: El Camino Antiguo) is an award-winning religious program which started in the Philippines that promotes Christian values and encourage the careful study and reading of the truth in the Bible primarily hosted by Bro.

There are also Bible Expositions conducted, however, online in London, Germany, Rome, Italy and other European countries. Eli began exploring the potential of the World Wide Web in streaming live his bible expositions.

To receive questions from visitors and guests, telephone patch are provided by the technicians.

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G-one Paisones CFD/CFLAMP Nakita ko sa Youtube ang debate ni Eli Soriano at ni Dr.

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