An error has occurred while updating dota 2

I get an error message that files were unable to be read, or there was an error loading.

This can occur if your Dota 2 install is corrupted or incomplete due to a restart or error.

My screen capture program doesn't work with Dota 2.I tried switching regions, checking my settings (none of them changed), even reset my internet.So as a last resort, I uninstalled Steam completely along with every game I had in the library.I bought the game on Steam and when i finished download and install and when starting the game, that message always pops out.Also in my library the nba2k16 says Pre-load complete; unreleased Why cant i play this game?

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Dota 2 does not start and the error reports a crash in shaderapidx9This is usually caused by a Windows configuration issue.

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