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It’s that gender equality that makes not just a feminist film, but a truly joyful feminist experience.Director Gregory Jacobs and his cast have pulled off something exceptional, crafting a film that services both women and men alike and engenders positive attitudes about sex and sexuality — without ever showing anyone engaged in the act itself.Aside from the more comedic tone and the lack of any actual conflict (the latter a miracle in itself), what distinguishes from its predecessor is the lack of legitimate sex.The sequel sees the appeal in focusing on why these men do what they do — it’s not just to make money or support themselves on the way to some better, brighter future.There are no stages where women are forced to look up to the men as if worshiping an unattainable ideal.At Rome’s club, men and women are on the same level.

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is the opposite of almost every mainstream movie in which sex occurs onscreen, in which we view the bodies of women as if we are entitled to their naked form, and in which men are rarely — if ever — nude.

To be frank, we’re lucky to see a man’s butt on screen, which is why Ben Affleck’s brief flash of penis in was such a big deal, even if many critics pooh-poohed our appreciation as juvenile and reductive.

The scenes in which men creatively faux-hump women show us how fun and exciting sex can be, that it doesn’t need to be used a plot device to further the development of a relationship or to service a man’s journey, and that it’s just as much for women as it is for men.

"How about a magical seashell that's always filled with bourbon.

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