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The pictures became redundant and the descriptions more mundane. One night I mentioned that I would be visiting her fair state for a convention.

I didn't think it unusual that she would ask for some details.

Over the next 3 months we exchanged a variety of photos, but never of anything but our genitals, and in her case, only extreme close-ups.

An occasional finger in her pussy and even a carrot once, but never a larger view.

But most alarming, this was a woman who's face I had never seen.

In fact I had never seen any part of her body except her extreme pussy. After all, nobody ever misled you over the internet. We agreed that she would call me at the hotel on the second night and we would finalize the plans.

That's when we quit talking in the chat room and shared our private e-mail addresses.

I slept in one Saturday morning, not having to go to work, and when I awoke my computer was flashing a message.

It wasn't long before the electronic relationship started to wane.

I found it necessary to cut the session short to meet my appointment, but I told Curious that I would return in about two hours and would like to continue our conversation. You see, I don't really enjoy personal interactions.

Before leaving the site, however, I checked the profile on Curious and learned she was 21 years old with interests in voyeurism and exhibitionism. I spend ten to twelve hours a day interacting with people and playing the roll as salesman. Complicated relationships are depressing and too much work.

I told her that it would be held at the Hyatt in St. There was a long pause before she came back on and asked if I thought it was a good idea to finally meet. This was a woman with whom I had an intimate, although detached, relationship.

This was a woman with whom I had shared the most secret of desires.

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