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A child's vulnerability to trafficking is influenced by individual, familial and socioeconomic factors (Rafferty 2007; UNICEF 2009).

'Exploitation' includes, at a minimum, exploiting the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal or organs.This paper examines current definitions of child trafficking, the forms that it is known to take in Asia and the Pacific, the factors which increase vulnerability to trafficking and the mechanisms for the protection of children from this crime.It is clear that greater conceptual clarity in the definition of child trafficking, together with more detailed investigation of trafficking areas that are less well-known (such as the trafficking of boys for sexual exploitation and the vulnerability of refugee and migrant children) will assist in improving the evidence base for child trafficking and inform the development of more effective responses to these crimes in the Asia–Pacific region.Adam Tomison Director Child trafficking represents 'a failure to protect the rights of the most vulnerable children' (UNICEF 2008: 3).Although there have been no prosecutions in Australia, the issue is a serious one that warrants closer attention; particularly given Australia's geographic position within a region where several countries are variously affected by problems such as weak migration systems, poor governance and transnational crime.

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Together with the growing use of technology in offending, these issues suggest a level of risk for children in the region that is of relevance to Australian efforts to address trafficking in persons.

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