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What steps can we take to prevent tragedies related to slut-shaming, cyber-bullying, sexual extortion?

deserves to be physically or emotionally harmed by a loved one, the reality is that it occurs far too often and in many situations leaving is not always an option.

"I need your help," she said after a long silence."With? "Stop," she said loudly, and then looked around to make sure they were alone.

""With Henry." Emma looked up to see Regina looking down at her lap, where she was picking at the edge of a red-painted fingernail nervously. The office and cell were empty, but she still lowered her voice.

We can model these types of compliments: You are resilient. Because their digital actions will continue to affect them throughout their lives and because of the harm we have seen in Amanda’s story, it is imperative that we teach our students to ask themselves questions before they put anything on the Internet.

Rather than asking students to simply avoid the internet or installing ineffective filters, we need to give them the tools to make responsible decisions for themselves.

While the above are practical ideas for protecting yourself in the face of danger, every situation is different.

If physical violence has occurred in the past, you may know what it takes to deescalate and end it — or, you may not know how you’ll react until you find yourself in a situation where you need to. If you’re in an abusive relationship or know someone who is, please give us a call at 1-800-799-SAFE, 24/7, to speak confidentially with a trained advocate.

Regina asks Emma to have the sex talk with Henry, and has to reveal the reason she won't do it herself.

Regina realizes that Emma is the only person she would trust with her secret, and Emma decides that she loves Regina enough to do something about it.

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