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Well, provocatively dressed ladies of the night have always been a familiar sight on the streets of King's Cross and St Kilda.Jenny Gamble manages the Sex Industry Network, a health program for women working as prostitutes.I don't think I need to go into too much more detail but it was obvious that there was some sort of transaction going on.SIMON ROYAL: Local businesses too feel victimised, caught between the women and their customers. The local MP says it's so obvious, it's hard to miss, and one sex worker told Stateline she is both surprised by how many streets she can work and the authorities appear to put up with it. SIMON ROYAL: This might look like Sydney's King's Cross or Melbourne's St Kilda. Stateline spent two nights on Churchill Road at Kilburn, filming the latest location for the so called oldest profession. She asked us back to her home and told us a bit about her life. SIMON ROYAL: This is both illegal and dangerous, just how dangerous was graphically highlighted last December in the UK. SIMON ROYAL: Highly visible street prostitution has always been a feature of the eastern states, but not so much Adelaide, where sex for money has traditionally been traded indoors. Now Adelaide has its own inner suburban streetwalkers. If I don't like not the looks, but if I don't like a person's eyes, the way they talk to me, their heart, I look at, and if I don't like them, well, I don't go with them. BIANCA: Yes, it's more dangerous, but in a parlour or a brothel you have got to work eight hours and they take 40 per cent of what you earn, and I find it easier on the street. SIMON ROYAL: Have you have ever been scared or frightened, or threatened? In Melbourne, the streets of St Kilda, there was one where he wanted free sex, and I just let him have it instead of fighting him and I wasn't hurt. BIANCA: I wouldn't call it rape, because I was there for sex anyway, whether, you know, for money or whatever. I let him do what he wanted to do in order to get me out of the car.The meaning of 'sex' changes depending on where you live.

Not every day of the year should be about "stuffing the pockets" of big business, South Australia's Industrial Relations Minister says in the wake of criticism over public holiday trade restrictions.

Depending on what state or territory you're in, you can only give consent to engage in certain sexual acts once you've reached a certain age.

Until you've reached that age - 'the age of consent' - the law says you cannot give your permission to have sex.

SIMON ROYAL: According to Jenny Gamble, it first appeared at the western end of Hindley Street and then moved around Addison and Hanson Roads. JOHN RAU, MEMBER FOR ENFIELD: I observed somebody pick up one of these people at 10 oclock in the morning and drive away to an area which happened to be behind a school.

Now it's Churchill Road, with police confirming it is a recent occurrence. They were there for 10 minutes or so and then the car drove off.

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