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According Pornhub, VR porn is gaining a lot popularity…outside the United States.In the US virtual porn is lagging behind the traditional two-dimensional porn format that has existed since moving pictures first came about.

HDoom Guy is a Doom content creator behind HDoom, the WAD that “lets you have sex with the demons” making for a very different experience than what traditional Doom players might be used to. Check out HDoom Guy’s Tumblr blog For 3,150 yen (.90) a person can spend all day in a Japanese “comic cafe” in Akihabara that includes a virtual porn entertainment setup via PC complete with VR headset. These comic cafes (漫画喫茶店) that double as local rent rooms are quite common in Japan.As Web VR is further adopted as a standard, it’s going to be a lot simpler to find high-quality virtual porn.Here are Pornhub’s infographs on virtual porn: Japan has been on the “virtual sex train” for quite sometime and with hologram porn soon hitting the consumer market it was only a matter of time before Japan adapted the anime version.The Soft Demand VR experience promises “a new enjoyment” not previously experienced in comic cafe’s.If anything this is another story that backs up Pornhub’s data analysis of the popularity of virtual porn.

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