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These are generally for businesses or government services. The cost of local phone calls in Canada from traditional land-line phones (not from mobile/cell phones) is included in the monthly fee for the phone line - there are no additional charges per minute.The "local free calling area" usually includes the city where you are calling from and surrounding communities.Please note that calls must be of an urgent nature, such as: if you have witnessed a crime that has just occurred or is still in progress; if you see an uncontrolled fire; if medical help is immediately required; if someone is trapped, drowning or taken a serious fall (think life and limb); if something catastrophic has occurred that has the to obtain information, to make a complaint, to report a power outage, or for highway or weather information.911 is Canada's equivalent of 999 in the UK, 112 in the European Union, and 000 in Australia.Long-distance calls within the North American Country code "1" (Canada, USA, many Carribean countries, but NOT Mexico) are dialed the same way as 10-digit local calls, except that the area code is preceded by a 1.For example, making a call from Toronto to Vancouver would be dialed 1-604-555-5555.(On the rare occassion - often at an out-of the-way location - you may encounter a dial phone rather than keypad) For the vast majority of phones, all keys have letters of the alphabet associated with them, except for 1, 0, * and #.

With the substantial increase in the number of mobile (cell) phones, pay phones are becoming much less common.

Calls to other international destinations are preceded by 011, followed by the country code, then followed by the full phone number (including city or area code, where applicable).

The exception, of course, is when a toll-free call is made.

However the coverage is often limited to the urbanized areas, which can be a problem given Canada's often remote and thinly populated areas.

Visitors for instance to most of Newfoundland and Labrador will find that there is no signal available for those using British mobile phones as companies such as O2 and Orange have contracts only with Rogers, who though dominating the Canadian cellphone scene do not provide any signal outside St Johns on Newfoundland's far eastern coast.

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