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But, let’s step away from those philosophical talks full of nonsense and truth, and look at the dating culture in the great lands of America.But before I share how drastically different American dating scene is for me, let me tell you a little bit about myself.That raises the unsettling possibility that in a Crimean-style land grab, Russia could simply seize what it wants before the US and its allies react. Jörg Vollmer, the German Army chief of staff, speaking alongside Hodges at AUSA: “They all speak the same language, they use the same doctrine, they use the same radios, and they use the same equipment.” The NATO allies have to work hard to get anywhere near the same level of unity — but it is possible.Compared to Vladimir Putin’s nimble mix of propaganda, cyber warfare, deniable proxies, and increasingly well-drilled regular forces, both NATO combat forces and decision-making processes are unwieldy and out of practice. Because units based in the US would take too long to deploy in time of danger, the report urges the return of US forces to Europe. It’s just one of the host of seemingly minor shortfalls, from pontoon bridges to anti-aircraft guns, that could derail the alliance’s effectiveness if it isn’t fixed….. “We were very good in the old days, we were very good in Afghanistan,” said Vollmer.” Breedlove asked rhetorically at the Air Force Association conference here. Walter Piatt, the RCO operations director, was how thoroughly EW, cyber, and GPS — three closely related fields — dominate that agenda.The Army’s new Rapid Capabilities Office is focused like a laser on Russian threats to Army networks: both cyber attack (hacking) and electronic warfare (jamming), in particular against the GPS signal on which US forces rely. Dual-purpose firecracker (or DPICM) was our decisive weapon against Saddam’s artillery during the Gulf War.

In parallel, to defeat Russian drones, the Army is experimenting with a low-powered anti-aircraft laser, also mounted on a Stryker.

Russia has been holding the stereotypes of highly conservative country, and to be honest I could not agree more.

Even if Russian girls might be super obsessed with their looks and clothes, the dating scene is very conservative.

As the US military reoriented anxiously to Europe and the heavily armored Russian army, however, 12.7 mm looked awfully small.

With this prototype Dragoon and its 30 mm cannon, the Army’s well on its way to fixing that.

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Polina Durneva from Russia studying at Cornell College shares her views about how dating in the United States is different than back in her home country of Russia.

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